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Pure Hereford Beef from Haven Herefords Est. 1822


Haven Herefords - Herd Sires

Bulls which have influenced our herd in the last 30 years include BP 55C Britisher 1M, SNS Generator 28X and Longville Raja.


Current Herd Sires:


Hereford Sires - Haven KingpinHereford Sires - Haven Kingpin


Haven Kingpin

Sire: GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W    Dam: Haven Splendour 25th

Semen sold to Irish Hereford Cattle Society Breed Improvement Scheme. First calves on the ground Autumn 2015, come visit.

Photo at 20 months, 910kg.

Hereford Sires - Haven Kermit

Haven Kermit

Sire: Haven Cavalier

Dam: Haven Thrush 64th

Supreme Overall Champion National Hereford Show 2014 .

Strong EBVS, he is in the top 1% of the breed in both Self Replacing and Terminal Sire indices.

First calves on the ground Autumn 2015, come visit.

Photo at 16 months.

Weight at 15 months 775kgs, EMA of 149cm2.

Hereford Sires - Mawarra Aftershock

Mawarra Aftershock

Sire: Bowmont Storm C093

Dam: Mawarra Minerva 774

He has tremendous length, topline and hindquarter. He is Minerva 774's first calf, she is an outstanding M. Sentimental daughter with a perfect udder. Her gene pool includes Mawarra's two most successful family lines. Bowmont Storm C093's pedigree boasts one of the Bowmont herds best females.

The EU semen rights jointly owned with Messrs Spooner Dieuacresse Herefords, UK.

First calves look promising.

Hereford Sires - Haven Cavalier

Haven Cavalier

Sire: Churchill Storm V583

Dam: Haven Dowager 137th

Senior Male National Hereford Show Champion 2010.

Semen available for UK Mainland use.

Hereford Sires - Haven Governor

Haven Governor

Sire: Border Rory A36

Dam: Haven Splendour 23rd

Supreme Hereford Champion Shropshire Show 2012.

Reserve Supreme Beef Interbreed Shropshire Show 2012.

Governor is a bull with tremendous potential and great EBVs.

Weight at 24 months 1150kgs.



Past Herd Sires


Hereford Sires - Haven Wizard

Haven Wizard

Sire: Longville Raja

Dam: Haven Oyster Girl 81st

Horned bull of the year 2005.

National Hereford Show Champion 2005.

Semen available worldwide. For UK use contact Hereford Cattle Society.

Wizards first daughters now proving themselves as top cows in the herd.

Hereford Sires - Mawarra Vice Admiral

Mawarra Vice Admiral

Sire: Cootharaba Magnum

Dam: Mawarra Minerva 554

His dam, Minerva 554, has sold six sons to date in Australia for an average of $23,800 these include $48,000 Trail Blazer, $32,000 M. Unique, $21,000 Vice Regal and full brother to Vice Admiral; $26,000 Winchester.

Weight at 12 months 700kgs.

Hereford Sires - GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W

GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W

Sire: GH Adams Shadow 144S

Dam: GH Adams 45L Twinette 552S

This bull is in the top 1% of the breed in Canada for Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight and in the top 4% for Rib Eye Area.

His birth weight 39kgs.

Reserve Grand Champion Agribition 2009.




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